Website Load Speed—Every Second Counts

Mar 28, 2017 | Tech, Web Site Design

Stopwatch Image - Load Speed Counts

Do you know what your website’s load speed is?

Your site may be drop-dead-geogeous, with tons of useful content, and great features; But all of that doesn’t matter to Google, or quite frankly, your visitors if your site takes forever to load. If you’re wondering why your site but not be ranking well with search engines, load speed may be the reason.

When it comes to load speed, every second counts

Recent studies show that people are impatient when waiting for websites to load. [1]; Approximately two seconds is what most people browsing your site will deem a “tolerable waiting time for information retrieval” [1], that’s not much time.

What do most people do when the wait time becomes too long? Hit the back button, and find another item in the search results and try a different site. That can cost you a lead, and ultimately, money. If you’ve found that your site’s bounce rate is high, this can be the reason.

Load Speed factors into your Search Engine Rankings

How fast your website loads for visitors is a key metric in how Google and other search engines ranks your site. [2] It’s sometimes overlooked by SEO Experts and web site designers, because speed itself doesn’t carry as much weight in Google’s metrics as keyword relevance. However, your site’s bounce rate is a huge factor in your Search Engine Performance. Too many visitors leaving your site quickly will drive up your bounce rates, and tell Google your site isn’t worth ranking highly.

Load Speed Chart

Still not convinced you need to speed up your website’s load time? Think about this: every second of increase in delayed loading equates to a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in perceived satisfaction.

STEP 1: Hire Turbocharged Design!

We keep ourselves informed with our industry data like above, so you can focus on keeping your business and leave your website’s design and performance to us. By staying up to date in our field, we’re able to follow the current best practices to optimize every website to be fast.

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