SouthVault Smart Surveillance

Getting smart about security

SouthVault is a revolutionary cloud-based solution for surveillance. Instead of an old-school sensor and motion detector based security system that automatically calls the police; with SouthVault when motion happens a 10-second video clip is sent to a user. The user can then decide if it’s something innocuous or an actual threat. The user can then contact law enforcement with a visually-verified threat which will prompt a faster response than a old-school alarm trigger.

As SouthVault approached Turbocharged Design about designing a logo and website for their innovative system, we worked through how to best convey the company’s unique features. We suggested adding “Smart Surveillance” to the end of “SouthVault” to impart the fact the system is more intelligent than existing methods of monitoring alarms for homes and businesses.


In designing their website, we wanted to place the key selling feature at the very top of the homepage. Along with text that explains this, we developed the tagline “Detect, Decide, Respond” The website was intended to speak to multiple audiences, and key messaging was achieved by using target landing pages for specific user groups. The visual design of the website uses navy and royal blue to convey a sense of trust and confidence, along with day-glow shade of cyan blue and orange to proclaim a sense of leading-edge technology and innovation. Icon sets explain the key features and benefits of the system in a way that’s easy to understand.

Logo and Branding

The logo is wordmark with a stylized globe with pulses around it. The globe and pulses represent information being sent, and the ability to monitor your world. The type chosen for the brand impart a modern, innovate expression.