We know that businesses searchability on Google is critical to their success. People in the web design and digital marketing communities pay careful attention to how Google updates its search algorithms, and it appears that Google has recently made a larger-than-average update to said algorithm on June 29, 2018 1. While we only have very preliminary information, here’s what we now now:


Overview of changes

The algorithm update appears to have primarily affected search engine results in the United States for almost all search categories 1.

Business categories most impacted by the update include:

  1. Arts & Entertainment
  2. Automotive
  3. Beauty and Fitness
  4. Health
  5. Home and Garden
  6. Jobs & Education
  7. Law & Government
  8. Pets Services/Animals
  9. News
  10. Science
  11. Shopping
  12. Sports

Business categories lease impacted by the update include:

  1. Books and Literature
  2. Real Estate
  3. Travel

Aside from this update, the most notable recent update to the algorithm took place on March 2018, and focused on mobile device usability, ranking sites on load speed and quality for phones and tablets 2. For more info on recent updates, check out Search Engine Journal , and for real-time monitoring of search trends, check out SEM Rush’s Sensor.

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