Color Pyschology of Branding and Logos

Sep 28, 2016 | Branding and Logos

A lot of thought and consideration go into the design of a logo. Many Fortune 500 Companies spend millions in developing their visual identities with logos. Here are some basic properties that colors can convey on a subconscious level:


Yellow packs a big punch. It can convey positivity and at the same time be high-energy. It also suggests cheerfulness, fun, joy and happiness. Yellow has been shown to stimulate creativity.


Orange is attention-grabbing, and is great for creating a calls-to-action, especially for Buy and Subscribe buttons. Similar to yellow and red, orange in a high-energy color that promotes excitement.


What do most fast-food chain restaurant logos and branding colors have in common? They all are predominantly red with accents of yellow. Red, especially in conjunction with yellow, can trigger an increase in appetite.

Additionally, red conveys a strong sense of energy and confidence. It also attracts a great deal of attention and is quite bold. Designers must be sensitive to what colors they pair red with, this can dramatically shape how red is perceived. For example, red paired with pink conveys romance, while red pairs with black conveys danger and performance.


Pink is romantic, and is commonly used to market goods to girls. But beyond it’s obvious connection to femininity, it has additional properties that make it great to use. Pink can appear sweet, playful and happy. Most products associated with the color pink are lighthearted and youthful.


Purple is often seen in luxury products, especially anti-aging and beauty product marketing. In the past, purple was associated with royalty and spirituality. Purple paired with black especially express a mysterious and spiritual connotation.


Blue is widely considered the most popular color in branding. Blue has a long history of conveying trust and security. Virtually all bank logos are blue with green accents for this reason. Similar to green, blue can promote a sense of calm and serenity.

Blue can be seen in a variety of brands across industries, from big business (IBM, HP and American Express) to consumer health goods (Oral-B and Crest) and auto makers (BMW, Ford, Subaru, VW and Volvo).


Green can be employed to project a natural, fresh and wholesome image. It is also commonly used to denote an environmentally friendly approach. Green, especially paired with blue and brown relax those that see it, and recall the Earth and nature. Harmony and tranquility are commonly associated with the color, as are the properties of growth and flourishing.


Black suggests power and conveys sleekness. Black is commonly used to market luxury goods. Black is a dramatic color, while shades of grey and more subtle and conservative. Silver shades are often used to market high-tech goods (think of Apple and Audi).

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