7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Professional Small Business Website Design

Aug 7, 2017 | Creativity, Marketing, Tech, Web Site Design

No doubt having a website is essential to successfully marketing any small business, but maybe you’re not convinced you really need one. The following reasons illustrate all the benefits of having a professionally-designed website can yield for your small business.

A Website is the Ultimate Sales Tool

A website is the ultimate sales tool for many reasons; You can present information about your products and services in a compelling way. Lastly, unlike a paper catalog or brochure, a user can take action—whether by filling out an inquiry form, subscribing to an email list, or requesting more information.

Access to Customers 24/7

Luckily, the internet doesn’t open it’s doors at 8:00am and lock up at 5:00pm like an storefront or office does. A website can be working for you 24/7/365. This allows your regular and potential customers the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your physical office or shop is closed.

Know Who Your Customers Are

A modern website with Google Analytics integrated into it allows you to know a lot of things about the people that are visiting your website. Information like the time-of-day people visit, their location, what time of computer or phone they are using and more is available to you at the touch of a button.

Build Authority and Gain Trust

No matter what services or products you offer, trust is paramount. Customers and clients want to know and trust who they do business with. Having a website allows you to not only share information about your goods/services, but about yourself. Information like Customer Testimonials, About Us pages, and images of owners and staff can build confidence and trust in your business.

Build an Email List

Email Marketing (a service which we offer) allows you to reach out to your audience and let them know about new products and services, special offers, general news, and just to remind them that you are there. Having a ‘subscriber’ box on your website is an effective way to capture email addresses for your email list.

Expand Your Market & Extend Your Reach

Let potential customers find you and what you offer. With a professionally-designed website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is baked-in so that search engines can more easily index and rank you.. Every site we build is done with great SEO in mind. What could be better than potential customers in the market for what you offer finding you?

Your Competitors Have a Website

Whether your competition comes from other ‘mom-and-pop’ shops, or regional or national companies, it’s probably a safe-bet that they have a website. When your potential clientele searches for what they need online, is it your competition they will find?

You may be tempted to think simply having a Facebook page for your business is enough, if you do read this.

Clearly having a professionally-designed website offers a huge return on investment for business ,owners. If you’re ready to get your business online, or revamp your current site, let’s get started.


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